Ten SEO Mistakes Made on Database Driven Websites

Search engine friendly websites is one of those often heard phrases, both from web site development companies and from their clients. Everyone knows that this is important to have, and yet it is one of the things that is actually often overlooked.

Search engine optimisation companies actually spend a lot of their time analysing a website and removing barriers to the search engines ranking a site highly. At the web development level, it is possible to build a site that is perfectly search engine friendly. One of the hardest types of sites to get right though are database driven websites. Listed below are ten of the most common issues that are created, often unknowingly, in the development process of a dynamically generated web site.

1. Pages with duplicate content – not enough differential areas within the pages, so that only small areas of the page change from page to page. It is essential that enough of the page text changes for the search engines to see an appreciable difference between one page and the next.

2. Pages with duplicate page titles – the page title is a great indicator to the search engines of the primary content of the page. Whilst this is often unique on sites such as e-commerce websites, it is often overlooked in other sites, particularly where small areas of the site are generated from a database, such as news pages.

3. Pages with duplicate meta descriptions – again, this is easy to overlook and set a global or category level meta description. These give the search engines a reason to penalise your site for not giving them enough information, and again, creating a unique meta description for every page is an essential SEO task.

4. Using auto-generation of pages as a shortcut instead of creating good content. This is linked quite closely to point 1, where it is possible to create pages that have only a tiny percentage difference between them. Databases are fantastic ways of storing information, but you still need to put the work in to fill them with content. Unique information about the subject of the page will immensely help both the long tail and the ability of the search engines to determine that a page is valuable.

5. Creating pages that are hidden behind form submissions or javascript postbacks that cannot be accessed by a search engine crawler. This is far more common that is generally realised. For instance .NET creates postback links by default instead of proper links – potentially making huge sections of a site unreachable. Likewise, it is easy to hide lovely content rich areas of your site behind a drop down selector in a form that means certain areas of the site are not visible.


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Advanced Link Building Strategies

I found these really useful article about Advanced Link Building Strategies on here. I keep in this blog to remind me and also maybe useful for you.

Enjoy 😀

Link building requires dedication and consistent effort. It is the most difficult, time-consuming and important task an SEO performs to get a website ranked well. Certain strategies are well known to SEOs, while others are in the realm of the experts or forward-thinkers who puzzle them out. I have attempted to list here many of the link building tactics used by the SEO community.

1. Directories

Although it may seem an obvious and tired way to build links, directory use is still valuable and valid. I have compiled an exhaustive list of directories including PR, pages that have been spidered, and submission requirements for directories – see List of SEO Directories. When submitting to directories, make sure to vary anchor text and try to use your keywords in the description and title fields as naturally as possible. A good SEO should be able to obtain between 75-150 unique backlinks just from directories.

2. Top Competition

This tactic can help you generate the most visitors to your site. Search Yahoo, Google, MSN and the other search engines for each of your important keyword phrases and make a point of attempting to get a link from each page. Oftentimes a direct phone call to site owners or a very tactful email can go a long way. I’ve even used handwritten letters to attempt to cajole site owners into giving me a link. Use whatever resources you have help persuade – links from other sites you own, money (if you have it), free SEO services, contributions of articles or content, etc.

When I use this technique, I’ll typically make a spreadsheet listing all of the sites I have a shot at getting a link from (i.e. excluding direct, obvious competitors). I then get as much contact information as I can about each one and run down the list. This can be very time-consuming, but also exceptionally worthwhile. Even if your site doesn’t get ranked much higher, each link from a site that ranks in the top 20 will bring direct, targeted traffic.

3. Link Searches

This old technique has been honed to a science by many SEOs, but there is always room to improve. The goal is to use Google/Yahoo to search for pages that let you add a link (reciprocal, paid, etc.) that already have your keyword or some closely related content on them. Often these searches turn up smalltime site operators with reciprocal link directories managed by 3rd party software. Don’t overlook these, and make sure you submit. But the real prize is pages that give free links or offer paid links to sites they feel are important – many of the highest PR links can be obtained through this method, especially if you conduct the search at SEOChat’s PR Search Tool.

The following searches are worthy of being tried, but feel free to experiment:

1. intitle:add+url “keyword phrase”
2. intitle:submit+site “keyword phrase”
3. intitle:submit+url “keyword phrase”
4. intitle:add+site “keyword phrase”
5. intitle:add+your+site “keyword phrase”
6. intitle:directory “keyword phrase”
7. intitle:list “keyword phrase”
8. intitle:sites “keyword phrase”

All of the above searches can be used without the intitle to give even more results. As with other link building processes, these are tedious and time-consuming, but it is critical to stay focused on finding quality, relevant links. When using this method, make sure you note to which other sites the page is linking and what text content is listed. If it fits well with your content, don’t worry if the page is PR0.

4. Usurping Competitors’ Links

Although this may sound unseemly, it is one of the most effective ways to build links, and is commonly practiced. The goal is to find as many domains and pages as possible that link to your competitors’ sites and get those sites to link to you as well. This is often easier than it sounds, because the site is already linking out to people in your industry. Money, services, links or simple requests are all used to get the job done.

The most effective ways to find your competitors’ links are listed below:

1. At Yahoo! type linkdomain:url.com -site:url.com
2. At MSN’s techpreview type link:url.com -site:url.com
3. At Yahoo! type link:http://www.url.com
4. At Google type “url.com” -site:url.com

These are typically the most reliable way to find the sites and pages that link to your competitors and, incidentally, those sites which link to you. Remember to be as courteous, direct and friendly as possible. Don’t forget how effective non-electronic methods of communication can be – phone, letters, etc.

5. Article Writing & Submission

Writing unique, valuable content about your subject matter for your own site is the most critical piece of on-site SEO. But it can also be a fantastic way to generate quality links from other sites. Many existing websites are designed around hosting the content of others and providing links back to them. I have listed some of the biggest 3rd-party article hosting sites below.

General Articles – These cover a wide range of subjects and will accept submission on many topics:
* Idea Marketers – http://www.ideamarketers.com/writers.cfm
* Buzzle.com – http://www.buzzle.com/secure/become-editor.asp
* EBooksnBytes – http://www.ebooksnbytes.com/articles/submit.shtml
* Article Central – http://thewhir.com/find/articlecentral/suggest.asp
* Go Articles – http://www.goarticles.com/ulogin.html
* EzineArticles – http://ezinearticles.com/submit/
* AMAzines – http://amazines.com/
* Article City – http://www.articlecity.com/article_submission.shtml
* BPubs.com – http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/add.cgi
* Business Know-How – businessknowhow.com/newsletter/articleguidelines.htm
* WWIO – http://www.certificate.net/wwio/ideas.shtml
* About.com – http://sbinformation.about.com/library/blsubmission.htm (note, this is just of many places on the site where you can submit articles – choose the subject that best matches your site)
* NetterWeb.com – http://www.netterweb.com/articles/
* Simply Search 4it – http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/addart.php
* Vector Central Marketing – http://www.vectorcentral.com/articles-form.html
* Learning Folder – http://www.learningfolder.com/SubmitArticle.aspx
* Knowledge Bed – http://www.knowledgebed.com/submission.html
* Article Insider – http://www.articleinsider.com/start.php
* Articles that Sell – http://www.articlesthatsell.com/submityourarticle.htm
* Smart Ads – http://www.smartads.info/articles/
* Writing Career – http://www.writingcareer.com/freearticles-submit.html

These are just some of the thousands of sites that offer the ability to spread your content around the web. Additional sites on your specific topics can be found using the search engines. Especially prevalent are sites offering content in website marketing & technology – there are hundreds of sites that deal in content on these issues. (more…)

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Feel Sorry to my Friends

Today, got bad news for friends. His google adsense account has been deleted. He is not eligible to show google adsense in his blogs and websites again… I feel sorry to you my friends. For you to know, he already run his adsense campaign almost 2 years. And he never did any violation to google term and conditions. I still don’t know why google did such a things. He already email to google ask why google want to do that. He need a logic reason. But unfortunately google did not reply any single words.
Is it because google to arrogant to answer it?
My friends quick his jobs December last year to focus his internet advertising jobs including google adsense. His large revenue comes from google adsense. No wonder he is so sad right now. No jobs, google already suspend his account forever..:(
Its start with last month, his gross revenue double up almost 40%. His revenue around 1k / month.
He also used adwords to generate traffic to his site.
Sorry to you my friends..

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Get Back to Work !!!!

Phiuhhh…. Let me tell you what i am doing for live.. I am an oracle developer. I have been doing this developer jobs for 5 years plus. This may, its already 6 years i am doing this jobs. Its fine although, good pay..:) But as you know, man never get satisfied.. Yup, thats happen to me also. Don’t know why..:D
Then i started to take a look at how making money from the internet. As a developer, you never do coding all days rite? Come on, don’t be lie :D, 40% of you working hours maybe you do for browsing and checking your email? Maybe open your friendster, youtube, facebook, flickr hehehe.. i know..

So, what you can do to get more money from the internet? A lot of internet program offer you how to make money from internet. Maybe some of you ever heard this term :
PPC ( Pay Per Click )
PPP ( Pay Per Post )
PPR ( Pay Per Review )

and a lot of more programs that offer you money from the internet. Its up to you where do you want to start. I start first with PPC => google adsense and the Affiliate => amazon.
What do you choose ?

So back to the topic.. Get Back to Work !!!!!

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Is it Worth to be DBA?

Its a very interested questions? I found out some one asking this question. What do you think? Is it worth to be DBA?
As you know, DBA is the man behind the gun…(hehehe..) He is the person that know everything about your database, your administrator, your best person to ask if there is something wrong the the database.
From what i have heard, DBA usually work late in the night. In the morning until afternoon, the did not do anything, they just play in their computer hahaha… But after office hours they start to working.. Because they can not bother the day to day operations. They only can work after working hours. So the next question is, why they have to work in the normal working hours then, if they did not do anything in that time. The answer is just to in case there are problems happen.
I don’t know much about the DBA thinks. I just developer, but i know that DBA is something that will get good pay than the developer. emmm maybe i have to try apply as a DBA 😀
Someone in oracle community also said that DBA is a glamorous job. Maybe it is. But you need to understand the consequence also. There is a reward behind your responsibilities. Its sure be.
So what are you DBA thinks about your jobs. Its worthed ?

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Hello World ! Welcome to WordPress.com

Its always like this for the start for every blog with wordpress platforms. Its a welcome message from wordpress to you.

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Let me try something different :

Welcome to WordPress man, have fun with this, lets start blog and write what ever in your mind

What about that? Do you like my welcome message?

Its my first time using this wordpress.com to blog. Don’t get it wrong, its not my first time using wordpress. I have several sites using wordpress. I just want to explore more about this wordpress in “her own body“. You know what i mean right? 😀

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